A Dangerous Two-Step

When a routine bodyguard job goes south with a musician’s crazy ex-girlfriend and an international group determined to “purify” music, Vicki Holden knows she needs backup and there’s no one better than the Brotherhood Protectors. Her goal is to keep her client safe, and she’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means entering into a dance competition with her sexy new partner.

Luis “Uke” Gutierrez transitioned into civilian life after the military and government work. The missions were straight forward and the pay, well it was better. When he flies into Branson, he thinks he’s just backup. But his hands are quickly full with his sexy partner, her “tough guy” client and a group that goes by the name False Music that wants to kill them all.

With things heating up both on the job and off, Luis knows when this is all over he’s going to have to choose. But when the feds come with a job opportunity that will keep him with Vicki for a while longer, well it’s just another turn on the dance floor and a two-step that’s anything but safe.