A Killer Duet

Rain Chowden sang about men who had let their women down and strong women making it on their own, so it was no wonder that she’d made a few enemies during her rise to country music stardom. When she’s attacked after a show in Branson, she discovers her head of security hasn’t really been doing his job, and she’s had enough. When Case Trenton offers his services, she can’t resist. But with his deep voice and talented fingers…on the guitar…she’s finding that once this mission is over, she doesn’t want to go back to singing solo.

Case “Gibson” Trenton gave up on his dreams of being a singer to go into the military like his father had wanted. When he left the service, he began working for the Brotherhood Protectors and found he didn’t mind working security until a mission went wrong. Now, he’s on leave to clear his mind. Fishing and relaxation in Branson turn into something more when he hears about Rain’s attack, and when he’s the only agent available, he has to take this mission.

Case knows something isn’t right. His buddy Johnny Moon runs Treble Security and has been battling a group known as False Music. Have they somehow recruited Rain’s bodyguard and now threaten her safety as well? Or is this just the work of a jilted suitor? When circumstances place him on stage with her he realizes he has a chance to pursue his musical dreams after all. He just better be careful. That first duet is a killer…