Montana Moon

A lone Wolf doing a favor…

When Tait “Shooter” McCord, Wolf shifter and former SEAL, agrees to repay a debt by tracking down a woman on the run, the last thing he expects to find is a curvy bundle of femininity who drives his inner wolf wild. Man and beast have one goal in mind—protect their mate from the enemies chasing her tail.

A lone woman on the run…

Lauren Reilly is exceptional at her job as a historical archivist at the Pentagon. Except her mad skills lead to discovering files so top secret that her life is now forfeit. That old joke “If I tell you, I have to kill you”? Yeah, turns out it’s not so funny when it’s real. After an attempt on her life, she reaches out to a friend of a friend for help. When assistance arrives in the form of a hot bodyguard from the Brotherhood Protectors, Lauren is so far out of her comfort zone she wants to turn tail and run.

Discover they aren’t alone after all.

Under a Montana Moon, a moonstruck Wolf can depend on friends old and new to help rescue the woman he loves. Even if they have to burn down the world saving her from their enemies.