Vigilante Justice

by Jordan Dane

Mercer’s War, Book 3

After retired SEAL Hank Patterson gets a disturbing call from an old friend, pleading for him to look into the mysterious disappearance of a young college student, Hank fears his Brotherhood Protectors wouldn’t have the resources or experience to find the kid. FBI Special Agent Molly Greenbriar gives him the name of a former CIA operative she fears has turned into a mercenary for hire, Mercer Broderick—but he gets results. Hank has little choice but to contact a man he’s not sure he can trust.

From his fortress sanctuary of Zion, built in the mountains of Wyoming, Mercer lives with his handpicked team. He isn’t keen on the idea of helping someone in the FBI. He’s forged a network of wealthy benefactors across the world—the Alliance—influential, high powered people who secretly yearn for a new world order of vigilante justice.

But when Mercer’s computer genius uncovers a disturbing pattern of missing teens and young college students that has fallen under the radar of the FBI, Mercer and his team see a larger operation in play. The violent abductions of young Dreamer immigrants are at the heart of a dark web of conspiracy.

In a surprise face-to-face meeting, Hank confronts Mercer and insists on assigning Joseph ‘Kujo’ Kuntz and his dog, Six, to the Alliance team. Kujo has his hands full when he faces a well-funded, highly-skilled team of operatives, hell bent on vigilante justice.