Booker’s Mission

by Kris Norris

Team Eagle, Book 1

Captain Booker Hayes was born to fly. So, joining the Air Force was an easy decision. Becoming part of the Flight Concepts Division — the pilots tasked with ferrying Special Operation Teams on their missions — a no-brainer. Having to leave it all behind after a mission goes sideways… nothing short of gutting. Until Hank Patterson throws Booker and his teammates a Hail Mary in the form of a new Aviation Department within the Brotherhood Protectors’ Yellowstone Division. What’s shaping up to be an exciting new beginning — if he can leave his ghosts behind.

One being Special Agent Calliope Jensen — DEA officer, and the woman destined to haunt Booker’s dreams. After a year of dancing around their attraction, they’d finally gotten together, only to have it cut short. Now, thirteen months later, he’s still wondering if he was the only one who’d wanted more. Who’s still hoping for a second chance.

Having her show up unannounced — edgy and in need of a partner for a job he’s not sure is sanctioned — is unexpected. Following her to Puerto Rico in the hopes of revealing who outed her undercover operation, borderline suicidal. Especially when it’s clear the local drug cartel isn’t going to make their task easy. But it’ll take more than high-speed chases and an inbound tropical storm to deter him. Booker promised Callie he’ll have her back, and this is one mission, he’s not going to fail.