Chill In The Air

Raine Kennedy will do anything to protect her son from her drug dealing husband, even if that means stealing money and going on the run.

She finds herself in the small town of Silent Water, NJ tucked at the bottom of a mountain, the perfect spot to hide. Without cell service, their trail will grow cold and Mateo Garcia will never find them, giving her and her son a fresh start.

Chase Shepherd resigned from the special agency—The Brotherhood Protectors—after a drug bust went wrong. The mistake was his, and he has to live with it, but he doesn’t trust himself any longer. Needing a quiet place away from the action that once ruled his life, he rents a house in Silent Water, swearing to never take on another assignment. Until a pretty lady and her son shoot up his plan.

Chase doesn’t want to get involved, but a kid is in jeopardy, and he can’t walk away from him—or Raine. In order to save them, he’ll have to trust himself again, but a mistake this time will cost him far worse than before—his heart.