Clark’s Decision

by Deanna Rowley

Broken Wheel Ranch, Book 5

Clark Riceman had finally retired from the military. It was time to get out and go home to support his sister and see what she had done with the family ranch while he’d been doing what he loved. The day he returned, he hadn’t even reached his home when he suspected that someone on The Broken Wheel Ranch was in trouble. Armed with that knowledge, he finally headed home, making a silent vow to protect everyone on the Riceman Ranch, regardless of which business they worked.

Naomi Alcott had been in an accident years ago and was confined to a wheelchair, but she didn’t let that stop her from doing what she loved—working with horses. Her biggest concern when she realized Clark was home was that he would take her position away from her. When she got to know him, she realized her friends had been right, and he wasn’t like that.

It shocks her that he wants to help her when she starts having trouble with her previous injuries. Can she really fall for the owner of the ranch and not be accused of trying to further her career? Will Clark be there when she finds out who is after her?