Colton’s Mission

by Kendall Talbot

Team Eagle, Book 9

When Kat Reynolds, a spirited yet feisty nature photographer, traces a clue to her father’s disappearance seven years ago to Tulum, Mexico, she’s determined to get answers. Armed with her father’s last mysterious photo, her clue leads her to a massive underground cave system. But to enter the subterranean maze, she needs the expertise of grumpy scuba diving expert Colton Henderson.

Battling both physical wounds and inner demons, ex-Navy SEAL Colton reluctantly agrees to guide Kat on her wild mission to find the Mayan ruins pictured in the faded photo, although he’s adamant her intel is wrong.

Deep within the treacherous cave, they stumble upon deadly illegal activity. When ruthless enemies trap them in the cave, Kat and Colton are forced deeper into the underground labyrinth and dive into dark, uncharted waters to escape.

As their unexpected attraction to each other grows, they discover an ancient secret that could rewrite history. But ruthless murderers will do anything to contain their deadly secret.

Will Kat’s quest for answers result in them disappearing forever, just like her father did?