Dangerous Application

by Kandi Silvers

Reckoning Force Bodyguards, Book 1

Who blows into Eagle Rock in cowboy boots and fitted jeans with a name like Shakespeare? Her idea of the perfect man.

Valerie Laramie has spent the last year and a half caring for her grandmother up until her death. Now unsure what to do with herself or the land she inherited, she finds herself in trouble. Now, quicker than you can drop a soda in a diner, Val has landed herself a bodyguard on the advisement of the Brotherhood Protectors. Fine, Except she has no idea who could be after her, and most of her life is a secret. She never thought her life would be in jeopardy or that she would be attracted to her bodyguard. Things were not only turning out interesting, they were becoming deadly.

Storm “Shakespeare” Ripley had dedicated his life to the army. Twelve years between Army Intelligence and Delta Force. After a major injury, he was no longer an operative and decided to join the Brotherhood Protectors. He never thought his first assignment would be the young and brilliant Valerie. He knows he should keep it professional, but Storm knows he will do anything to keep her safe as things become more dangerous. Especially since the man, after his beautiful charge, is equally as trained as the Brotherhood.