Daniel’s Choice

Former Army Ranger Daniel Sawyer signs up for the Brotherhood Protectors as an elite bodyguard, but he doesn’t expect his first assignment to put him in close proximity with a sexy widow. No problem. He’s got a strict policy against being with single mothers. Sure, Avery Lanier’s hot as hell, but he won’t act on his attraction. Not when he’s sworn to protect her. And not when the last thing he wants is a built-in family given he’s got zero clue about how to fit into one.

After Avery Lanier’s forced off the road by a stalker and ongoing threats to her ranch surface, she accepts the Brotherhood Protectors’ help au gratis. No way will she let anyone hurt her little boy or steal her way of life. But the bodyguard assigned to her case ignites sparks she thought died long ago. She’s attracted to the muscular, strong man guarding her in more ways than one… he’s giving her son an example of how to be an honorable man.

Soon, they surrender to the desire flaming between them, unable to resist. But they might lose their only chance for love when the madman after her escalates his threats, forcing them to make a difficult choice… one which could lead to heartbreak or give them the happily ever after they both deserve…