Darius’ Promise

by Jen Talty

Team Raptor, Book 1

Captain Darius Ford has done his best to put the past where it belongs. He and his team have a new gig with the Brotherhood Protectors, and starting over never looked so good. That is until the woman who has haunted his dreams comes waltzing into his office as if she wasn’t the reason his military career ended.

Special Agent Fenmore Harley has never for a second believed that Darius was a liar. However, she knew someone set up him and his team, and she was determined to find out who, even if that meant facing the man who couldn’t forgive her for things she had no control over. She’d do whatever it took to ensure his less-than-honorable discharge was overturned if that was the last thing she did.

Which very well might happen when the bullets come flying.