Defending Sparrow

Sparrow Oakley has spent her adult life serving the good people of Fool’s Gold, Colorado and trying to forget she’s the daughter of the leader of one of the biggest crime organizations in the state. So, when she has to arrest a fellow officer and her mentor for doing business with the Renegades, Sparrow wonders if her mother is lurking in the shadows and when she’s going to make good a promise she made long ago.

Stone Bishop’s career in the military as a Green Beret had come to an abrupt end. However, Stone is used to adversity and quickly took a job with new branch of the Brotherhood Protectors with his buddies from Team Trojan. Stone figures if he can handle civilian life, he can handle anything. That is until Sparrow Oakley walks into his life. He’s prepared to protect her, but he has no idea how to protect his heart.