Hunter’s Mission

by Kendall Talbot

Team Eagle, Book 2

She’s trying to heal wounds. He’s trying to forget his. Forced together in a brutal jungle, can they mend each other?

Hunter Black’s world was shattered when a devastating accident ended his Navy SEAL career. He turned his deadly skills to training working dogs instead, but he never forgot the elusive volunteer who helped his recovery. And he’ll never forgive her for leaving without a word.

When brilliant botanist Layla Snowden is taken captive in the unforgiving depths of the Amazon rainforest, Hunter, the man who tested her heart, is her only hope for survival.

But Hunter’s covert rescue mission takes a catastrophic turn, separating Layla and Hunter from his team. Battling both wild jungle and gun-wielding bandits, tensions flare and buried passions rise.

Will they find out who sabotaged Layla’s top-secret research? Or will they die trying to save each other?