Kent’s Watch

by Deanna L Rowley

Team Watchdog, Book 4

While waiting for a mission to come in from the Brotherhood Protectors, Kent Palmer was bored. Not knowing what to do, he decided to get himself a dog and join the local search and rescue team. Little did he know that he had to take the course to train the dog to be able to do what was asked of him. The second he laid eyes on Rita, he knew he would be in for the time of his life.

Rita Chambers didn’t trust Kent the second she laid eyes on him. She thought he was lying to her about having previous training. In her years of experience there was no way a man could train a dog like he did on the first day. Skeptical, and wary of him, she bit the bullet and called him in on a mission to help search for a missing child. From that moment forward, she knew he was good at what he did. Would he be there when she needed him the most, or was he all talk and no action?