Knox’s Mission

by Barb Han

Team Eagle, Book 8

The jungle would claim her life. He’ll die before he allows that to happen. 

But he has to find her first.

Tricked into taking a dangerous assignment and then abandoned in the jungle when the project goes south, documentary filmmaker Amy Hunt is left to fend for herself in a hostile environment. If the dangerous inch-long creatures don’t kill her, surely the men with automatic weapons a step behind her will.

Knox Preston blames himself for his best friend’s death but he won’t allow his little sister to suffer the same fate. Lost in the Amazon jungle, Knox has to track Amy down in order to save her while overcoming his own fears from the chopper crash that took stole pieces of Knox and killed his friend. His body might have taken a beating during the crash but the wound in the center of his chest is by far the most painful. And the secret he holds threatens to destroy him.

Knox finds Amy, who has grown into a stunning woman, and sparks fly. But Knox can’t afford to let Amy get close to him. Once she learns the truth about what happened, she’ll hate him for the rest of her life.