Lloyd’s Liberation

by Deanna L. Rowley

Broken Wheel Ranch, Book 2

Lloyd Berry is medically discharged from the Navy SEALs after receiving an injury that puts him in the hospital for several months. He has served his country for several years and is at a loss of what to do once he doesn’t have the military any longer. With encouragement from his friend and former commander, he heads to The Broken Wheel Ranch.

Marcia Ramos is lost after she has to step away from her military career after a devastating accident while serving her country. Armed with scars, nightmares, and PTSD, she heads to The Broken Wheel Ranch outside of Fool’s Gold, Colorado, hoping the promise of healing will work for her.

Will The Broken Wheel be as good as all the hype, and she could heal her body and mind? Will meeting Lloyd help her heal? Are they destined to be together, or will their baggage from serving their country keep them from reaching out to one another?https://amzn.to/3R47jpP