The invisible wounds are the hardest to heal…

Months ago, Allison Weaver’s boyfriend turned violent after one of his investments tanked. She left him immediately, but the incident shattered her confidence. Now he’s harassing her with threats and accusations that her research into an historical site in Charleston, South Carolina has derailed his newest business deal.

Can her best friend teach her to trust-and possibly love-again?

Logan Harris is home for good and eager to reconnect with his best friend, Allison, the one person he truly missed during his career as a Marine. But on their first night out as friends, he catches her ex hassling her.

Protecting Allison is second nature and sticking close while he sorts out the danger reveals an unprecedented attraction sparking between them. But when her relentless ex gets more aggressive, Logan must call in additional resources in order to keep her safe and preserve any hope of a future together.

If you like fast-paced suspense and best friends to lovers romance, you’ll love Logan!

 When hope is lost, truth is blurred, and your life is on the line, it’s time to call in the Guardian Agency.