Mason’s Watch

by Jen Talty

Team Watchdog, Book 1

Her crown hides a sinister shadow, his past holds the shield.

Mason Quinn is the embodiment of dedication—a stalwart protector from the esteemed Brotherhood Protectors. Carrying the weight of his sister’s untimely demise, he has channeled the echoes of his past into a relentless pursuit of safety for others. His meticulous nature and unwavering vigilance make him an unyielding shield against the shadows that threaten the innocent.

Enter Isabella Carter, the effervescent owner of a thriving beauty pageant empire. With a magnetic charm and a resolute spirit, she champions the cause of women’s rights, shining as a pillar of empowerment. But even as she stands in the spotlight, advocating for change and inspiring a legion of followers, an evil presence slithers unseen in her midst.

Mason is tasked with safeguarding Isabella, whose radiant exterior belies the danger that inches ever closer. As Mason strives to protect her, he must confront the demons of his history. Together, they navigate a labyrinth of betrayal where the only way out is to face the peril head-on.

Will the shadows of Mason’s past smother the light of Isabella’s future, or will they emerge from the darkness unscathed?