Nash’s Promise

by Stacy Wilk

Team Raptor, Book 3

Julienne Daley, a fashion industry mogul, lost her company and her last living relative. Her brother died during a special military operation. She organizes a short getaway at her Colorado mountain house with her closest friends. An impending snowstorm threatens to upend her plans. She could cancel but wants to postpone reality and ignores the warnings.

Nash Melendez, former Army Ranger, joined the Brotherhood Protectors as sniper instructor and yoga teacher. When Julienne requests his yoga skills at her weekend getaway, because of his connection to her brother, he accepts. He faces an emotional crossroads and hopes the diversion will offer some clarity, but the blizzard becomes his biggest concern after Jules reveals a hidden truth.

Mother Nature and Fate wield their anger over this group, forcing Jules and Nash down the mountain, seeking help. Guided only by determination and an unexplainable instant attraction to each other, Jules and Nash battle the unforgiving elements in order to save her friends before winter destroys them and a chance to determine if their love is real or a result of crisis.