Raider Unleashed

by Lori Matthews

Team KOA Alpha, Book 3

On vacation on Hawai’i’s Big Island, retired Navy SEAL Raider Torres thought he’d left the bedlam of his military life behind. But when Kilauea erupts, and Raider is pressed into service as a first responder, his itch for action returns with a vengeance. What he never expected was to run into his ex-wife in the chaos.

Since her partner was slain on the job, Piper Halloway has been on desperate quest for justice. While undercover, she’s approached by the man responsible, she agrees to be driver in a dangerous robbery. An unfortunate twist of fate leads her to seek Raider’s help.

Their tangled past haunts them as they navigate a landscape of betrayal and danger. Against a volcanic eruption, the stakes escalate until their lives hang in the balance. When the heist goes wrong, the couple find themselves thrust into a frantic race for survival, where every decision could mean life or death. Can they outwit their pursuers and salvage a second chance at love, or will their past sins cause them to go down in flames?