John “Jackson” Rainhorse is a full-blooded Cheyenne, former Special Ops Army Ranger and reformed assassin, his life forever changed by a then-sixteen-year-old girl named Lindsay, who he saves from certain death.

He leaves his life as a killer-for-hire and goes deep into hiding. Two years later the former Ranger learns that the daughter of his high school sweetheart has been kidnapped from a Montana Indian reservation. She is to be sold as a human slave by a criminal sex and drug organization that has been terrorizing the people of the entire reservation.

Rainhorse discovers that the powerful organization has been stealing children and creating rampant drug addiction on the reservation. The retired assassin vows to save the girl and end the oppression on the reservation. Along the way, the relationship with his childhood relationship is rekindled, and the old flame begins to burn.

Lindsay discovers the whereabouts of Rainhorse and decides to seek out her benefactor, unwittingly throwing herself into the middle of the chaos as the Cheyenne races against the clock to put an end to the tyranny.