Reid’s Salvation

by Deanna L. Rowley

Broken Wheel Ranch, Book 1

After experiencing a devastating loss of her parents’ lives and one of her hands, Erin Riceman does the only thing she knows how to do. She pulls her life back together and forges ahead with determination and grit. She has to step into gigantic shoes with the death of her father, but she turns their horse ranch into an even more profitable business.

Reid Garret has grown up in the foster-care system, but as soon as he is able he finds a new life he loves in the military until he is able to retire. There are several major hiccups along the way, but he survives. The biggest issue he has is the damage to his leg. Not knowing what to do once he gets out, he turns to the only place that feels like home to him, The Broken Wheel Ranch and his best friend’s sister, Erin.

Can the two of them work together to get the new business off the ground? Or will there be other people who think because Erin is only a woman, that can’t cut it in a man’s world?