Saving Katie

by Karen Hall

Tennessee Task Force, Book 2

Reporter Anne Hamilton is determined to rescue her missing niece Katie and her friends from the clutches of The Cadre, an organization that trafficks teens. After an attempt on her life kills her street “snitch,” Anne’s boss calls in Brotherhood Protectors. Help arrives in the very tall, very handsome Keith “Mac” McPherson. Their attraction is immediate and passion simmers beneath the surface. But as the attempts on Anne’s life increase and with time running out, this relentless duo must pull out all the stops to find and save the kids, while hoping for their own happily ever after.

Brotherhood Protector Lt. Keith, “Mac” MacFarland’s guilt over the death of an Afghani family he befriended still haunts him.  When assigned to protect a pretty reporter being threatened by a ruthless gang of child traffickers, he’s not sure he’s up to the task. But refusal and failure are not options-because Marines (even retired ones) don’t give up.  Sparks fly when he meets Anne Hamilton and desires long sleeping threaten to erupt as they join forces to find a group of abducted kids.  As their search leads them from danger to danger, Mac and Anne must stay alive long enough to rescue the kids and bring their abductors to justice before there’s no time left to plan a future together.