Soldier’s Heart Part Three

by Ilsa J. Bick

, Book 3

You Only Live Once.

 Jack Campbell is dead, and that’s Kate McEvoy’s fault. Afghanistan was a disaster she can’t shake, and the blood’s on her hands. The military rebuilt her for its own purposes, and her masters have plans.

But they’ve got another thing coming.

But, Sometimes, That Life Is A Lie.

 Meanwhile, on Chaney Peak, Sarah Grant is clearing a landing zone for a rescue chopper when, out of the darkness and snow, a solitary search and rescue team member appears.  Mark Mitchell is not only competent but charming.  For Sarah, being stuck here suddenly isn’t such a terrible prospect.

Until the moment she realizes Mark may not be what he seems.

And Now, Time Is Not On Your Side.

Hurt and puzzled by Sarah’s sudden coolness, Hank Cooper’s set out for Lonesome to get help.  Once the wounded girl’s safe, he and Sarah will find space and time to talk.

Except Hank makes a mistake.

And now, his time is running out.