Trail Angel

Haley Boyd is comfortable in her job as an accountant with Winters and Madden Investment Group. Until she visits the office after hours and witnesses her boss, Edgar Winters kill a man. When Winters decides to eliminate Haley, she goes on the run, heading for her Grandfather’s cabin in the mountains.

Nathan Taylor is an ex-SEAL who has seen too much and has retreated to his cabin in the mountains, only coming down the mountain when he has a tracking or acquisition job. He doesn’t need any company other than his trained hound mix, Sampson. When Hank Patterson calls him and asks him to locate and protect a woman whose life is in danger, Nathan reluctantly agrees, only to meet Haley, a woman who will challenge every wall he has built around him, including stymying him with her faith.

Nathan and Haley become the hunted when another contract tracker is hired by the police to locate Haley. Can they meet the challenges of nature as well as that of man to survive and prove she is another victim and not a criminal?