Undercover Rescue

DEA Agent Shea Kirkwood prefers to work alone. But when her informant in her last assignment blows her cover and threatens her life, she’s shipped off to Montana as part of an undercover operation with only one detail to guide her. She’ll play the role of a rich, attentive wife with her new, unwanted partner, FBI Agent Hardy Sinclair.

Hardy Sinclair handpicked Shea based on her record. Faking he’s her adoring husband is easy given their mutual attraction, but acting on the desire crackling between them could lead to serious consequences. He’s determined to keep this relationship strictly professional rather than lose his hard-won reputation in the field.

Shea’s onboard with a hands-off policy, but as their investigation draws them closer, they can’t deny their sizzling, sensual chemistry, which spirals out of control into a heated physical encounter. Now their hearts are on the line, but capturing the ringleaders of a violent sex trafficking ring leads them into danger where they could lose everything, including each other…