Walker’s Mission

by Kris Norris

Team Eagle, Book 10

Captain Walker Pierce had planned to dedicate his life to the Service as part of the Flight Concepts Division, until a horrific helicopter accident shattered his dreams — along with the right side of his body. Broken and scarred, he’s spent the past twelve months in rehab, clawing his way back to some semblance of normalcy. Finally getting cleared to fly again as part of the West Yellowstone Brotherhood Protector’s aviation division is the lucky break he didn’t get on that aircraft carrier. And his sole focus until MI6 agent Blair Hughes stumbles into his life, threatening to resurrect the heart he’d buried along with the soldiers who’d died that fateful night.

Walker doesn’t want to fall in love — doesn’t think he deserves it. But after months of cruising the friend zone, he either needs to make a move, or risk losing Blair forever. Discovering she feels the same, is his second lucky break. Finally charming her into his bed, a stroke of genius. Until her old life comes knocking, and she’s forced to choose between staying with him or finally clearing her sister’s name.

Realizing Blair’s assignment isn’t what it seems means Walker’s buckling in for one hell of a bumpy ride. He’ll track Blair down, help her eliminate the threat, and see she makes it back alive. He failed once. He’s not going to fail, again. Not with her life on the line.

And once the dust settles, he’ll either come out the other side intact, or go down fighting. Because Blair’s worth the sacrifice — even if this ends up being his final mission.https://amzn.to/49Us7br