Waylen Unleashed

by Jen Talty

Team KOA Alpha, Book 4

Presley Miles’ heart belongs to the ocean, its depths a sanctuary where she finds solace and strength. But when her ex-husband’s sinister machinations shatter her idyllic existence, Presley’s love for the sea becomes a battleground where survival means confronting the demons of her past.

When Waylen Brown returns to Hawaii, he’s not the same man. He left his heart on Big Island so many years ago and is now haunted by memories of loss and longing. He seeks comfort in the familiar embrace of the ocean, but fate has other plans as he’s drawn into Presley’s world of danger and deceit. As the threat against her escalates, Waylen must confront his own demons and rediscover the depths of his love for Presley.

Amidst the swirling currents of danger and desire, Presley and Waylen are entangled in a perilous dance where every move could mean life or death. With danger closing in, they must rely on their shared history and undeniable bond to navigate the treacherous waters ahead.