Xavier’s Mission

by Lori Matthews

Team Eagle, Book 4

Former Army Ranger, Xavier Larson, is still dealing with PTSD and survivor’s guilt from the helicopter crash thirteen months earlier that damaged his shoulder and killed his best friend. But his emotional battles don’t stop him from flying for Team Eagle. Unfortunately, his European vacation is interrupted when his boss requests a favor; fly a scientist from Vienna to Geneva. When the flight ends in an unexpected crash landing, Xavier finds himself stranded with his passenger in the unforgiving Swiss Alps.

Allegra Wagner, Chief Medical Officer of the powerful NovoGlobal Corporation is happy to escape the crash with her life. But she is hellbent on delivering her chilling evidence: clinical trials for a developmental drug have been irrevocably compromised, putting millions of lives at stake. But first, she needs to figure out who wants to kill her and get off this mountain alive.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.  Xavier’s two-fold mission: protect Allegra and ensure her information reaches her boss in Geneva. As a team of two, they must navigate treacherous terrains, both geographical and personal. With the clock ticking, Xavier and Allegra find themselves entwined in a high-stakes dance of survival and redemption. As their ruthless enemy advances, they must form an unlikely alliance in a battle that pits integrity against corporate greed, all the while fighting their growing attraction to one another.